A Huge Update for Brutal Fighters! New Map and more!

What’s going on fighters?!

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Sorry for not updating daily here for the last week, I decided to catch up on some programming and computer science books that I always planned to read but never had the time.
A notable book I’ve read is The Pragmatic Programmer, which is an excellent book, I seriously recommend it to everyone out there.

But enough about that, let’s talk about the update!
Brutal Fighters

I will post the main features below, but feel free to also check out my Github for the source and the commits.

So let’s get into the main features!

  • COMPLETELY NEW MAP: A new map, more tactical, more fun and more challenging, now it’s simply impossible to just run away with the flag!
  • NEW BLOCK TYPE: I call it a “level” block, you can collide it only from the top, which makes the game a whole lot more tactic!
  • BETTER MULTIPLAYER: Many players were surprised how smooth the game was at high latency(420ms), now it’s twice as smooth! Awesome isn’t it?
  • MORE SOUND EFFECTS: A bunch of new blocks were added with the new map, therefore new sound effects were also added!
  • MORE PARTICLES: More particles to make the new map feel more alive, and fun!

Sounds awesome isn’t it?!

Let’s do it!
Brutal Fighters

I know I promised a controller support, but new map was a higher priority and the most requested.
But hey, that’s the plan for the upcoming update:

  • REWORKED COMBAT: You can use most of the skills while holding the flag, mid air, while jumping, running, walking, whenever you want! smooth combat is a win!
  • CONTROLLER SUPPORT: I really want to make it happen, and I will!

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Let me know what do you think.

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