Added Initial Blood Effects

So what is missing in Brutal Fighters? umm.. blood! I am not entirely sure if I got the idea when a thought about Game of Thrones passed through my mind while coding, but anyway, the game really lacks blood!

But wait! who said adding blood into Brutal Fighters will be a good idea? well Game of Thrones has lots of blood in it and it is quite successful, so logic, duh..

So I figured it out, and I decided to program and make the initial blood ‘splatting’ effect today, a few hours ago to be more specific.

Now if you ever thought about playing this game and getting out clean, think twice! (dum dum duuuuummm..)

You can also see the bleeding effect in the video right after Surge’s HP gets below 20%.

Now you can officially kick some enemies and get your blood fix, but wait! like my father always said, with great power comes great electricity bill.

See you out there players! Sony’s conference at E3 was awesome by the way, I am HYPED!

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