Are you afraid from BATZ?!

What’s going on awesome players?
We are just a few days away from releasing the game for free to playtesting for everyone!
It’s very exciting to show the world what I’ve been up to for months.
Releasing the game means also getting feedback from players around the world..It’s scary.

Anywow, till the playtesting, here is another sample from what I’ve been working on,
It’s Dusk’s skill which releases a bunch of bats from his mouth, to attack you, then after they catch you,
they lock on you and keep on biting, it’s so annoying that it’s actually amusing already!

Here we go! Are you afraid from BATZ?!

The game got a bunch of fun things like this, freezing players, setting them on fire(check out my previous post), slowing them, poisoning them, healing them, and such..And it’s just the beginning, Brutal Fighters even surprises me, and I am the developer behind it, hopefully, you all looking forward to it!

We are just a few posts away from the playtesting, thanks for reading!
And stay brutal, players!

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