Brutal Fighter is Available for FREE! New Update!

What’s going on Fighters?!

After a bunch of work, I thought to myself, SCREW STEAM GREENLIGHT!
Here is the game, completely free, no micro transactions, no ads, first truly free to play multiplayer game!
Heck it’s even open source! You know where to get it – in new tab)

How’s that possible? don’t worry about it, I take care personally of the servers for you :)

Brutal Fighters is also on Steam Greenlight(opens in new tab), I would really appreciate your vote!

Besides Brutal Fighters being available for completely for free, I also released a new update for you fighters!


  • BUFFS: You can get burned, healed, eaten by bats(YEP), thrown into the air, turned into an ice cube and much more!
  • UPDATED MAP: The map looks better than ever now! and even more tactical!
  • REWORKED COMBAT: You can attack and use skills while moving and jumping! how cool is that?!
  • FIGHTERS COLLISION: Enemies now collide! You cannot just run past an enemy, got you!
  • A MUCH BETTER BASE: The game is much more flexible, bug proof(0 known), and efficient!

So download the game(opens in new tab), upvote it on Steam Greenlight(opens in new tab), and have a great day!

Stay brutal, fighters.

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