Brutal Fighters is on Steam Greenlight

What’s going on Fighters?!

After I posted the game for free on various forums and I got a lot of positive feedback, I decided why not to go further and post it on Steam, so more people can join and enjoy the game like we all did when I released the game for free on the forums.

Brutal Fighters is now officially on Steam Greenlight, and it’s all for free, no ads, no in game transactions, I personally take care of the servers for multiplayer.
I will really appreciate support, please vote and share the game, it just really deserves it!

I did all of the programming, created a bunch of sprites, searched all around the web for free sprites to use, survived hate, posted the game on forums for free to let you guys enjoy, but now it’s your turn to vote and show your support, I am going to open the IDE now and keep the features and updates going, you take care of the Steam Greenlight thingy, it’s a community project, not my project, it’s our project.

Live long and stay brutal.

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