Brutal Fighters is open source now on Github!!

Developers, programmers, fans, fighters, I decided to make Brutal Fighters open source, at the beginning I thought I would quit developing this game in no more than a week, but I am here after months of development! so it’s time to put the game open source, let other people contribute to the game, and make Brutal Fighters shine, cause this game just really deserves it!

I am just a fan of open source, I always like the fact people contribute to a project, because they are passionate about it, because something really needs to be done, it gives really a great feeling just to think about it!

Here is the Github page for the Brutal Fighters Game Server Repository.
And here is the Github page for the Brutal Fighters Client Repository.

The game server(pure java) lines of code:
Game Server Lines of Code

That’s one huge commit..

Stay strong, fighters!

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