Brutal Fighters Victory or Defeat?!

What’s going on players, here is another update of course!

Lately I thought to myself, OMFG the fact that the victory and the defeat sign suck even more than the portal is.. well actually nothing sucks more than the portal.

However, everything is just about to change.. *cough*.. well of course it was changed already, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post at the moment but working on the `change`.

I designed(very hard for me) and programmed(way easier than designing for me) new victory and defeat signs! with an awesome transition animation and 3 sound effects that are chosen randomly in order to create a unique effect each time you claim either a victory or a defeat(don’t do it).

The victory sign:
Victory Sign

The defeat sign:
Defeat Sign

Well although you can’t really notice the awesome transition effect and the even more awesome sound effects, you at least able to see the beautiful hand crafted(I better stop now) signs.

Let me know if you liked the style in the comments below!

P.S – Sony announced two Final Fantasy games are coming out to the PS4, I never played Final Fantasy, do not kill me.

P.P.S – I am working on the portal players, it will look amazing tomorrow! trust me…

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