What’s going on Fighters?!

After a bunch of work, I thought to myself, SCREW STEAM GREENLIGHT!
Here is the game, completely free, no micro transactions, no ads, first truly free to play multiplayer game!
Heck it’s even open source! You know where to get it – www.brutalfighters.com(opens in new tab)

How’s that possible? don’t worry about it, I take care personally of the servers for you :)

Brutal Fighters is also on Steam Greenlight(opens in new tab), I would really appreciate your vote!

Besides Brutal Fighters being available for completely for free, I also released a new update for you fighters!


  • BUFFS: You can get burned, healed, eaten by bats(YEP), thrown into the air, turned into an ice cube and much more!
  • UPDATED MAP: The map looks better than ever now! and even more tactical!
  • REWORKED COMBAT: You can attack and use skills while moving and jumping! how cool is that?!
  • FIGHTERS COLLISION: Enemies now collide! You cannot just run past an enemy, got you!
  • A MUCH BETTER BASE: The game is much more flexible, bug proof(0 known), and efficient!

So download the game(opens in new tab), upvote it on Steam Greenlight(opens in new tab), and have a great day!

Stay brutal, fighters.

What’s going on fighters?!

Vote Brutal Fighters on Steam Greenlight!

Sorry for not updating daily here for the last week, I decided to catch up on some programming and computer science books that I always planned to read but never had the time.
A notable book I’ve read is The Pragmatic Programmer, which is an excellent book, I seriously recommend it to everyone out there.

But enough about that, let’s talk about the update!
Brutal Fighters

I will post the main features below, but feel free to also check out my Github for the source and the commits.

So let’s get into the main features!

  • COMPLETELY NEW MAP: A new map, more tactical, more fun and more challenging, now it’s simply impossible to just run away with the flag!
  • NEW BLOCK TYPE: I call it a “level” block, you can collide it only from the top, which makes the game a whole lot more tactic!
  • BETTER MULTIPLAYER: Many players were surprised how smooth the game was at high latency(420ms), now it’s twice as smooth! Awesome isn’t it?
  • MORE SOUND EFFECTS: A bunch of new blocks were added with the new map, therefore new sound effects were also added!
  • MORE PARTICLES: More particles to make the new map feel more alive, and fun!

Sounds awesome isn’t it?!

Let’s do it!
Brutal Fighters

I know I promised a controller support, but new map was a higher priority and the most requested.
But hey, that’s the plan for the upcoming update:

  • REWORKED COMBAT: You can use most of the skills while holding the flag, mid air, while jumping, running, walking, whenever you want! smooth combat is a win!
  • CONTROLLER SUPPORT: I really want to make it happen, and I will!

Vote Brutal Fighters on Steam Greenlight!

Let me know what do you think.

What’s going on fighters,

Not sure if you saw my recent commit on Github, but I did a bunch of refactoring, especially for the client side game.
I covered all the code from start to finish and tried to hunt down those bad smells and refactored as much as I could.

I am glad I finished covering all the code and refactoring it, because now it’s time for the real features, I am already working on a new map, better combat, more skills, more buffs and debuffs, yeah my task list is full again, I better get working!

P.S – I also fixed a number of bugs beside refactoring! which means currently we are at 0 known bugs again!!

Thanks a bunch for reading, stay brutal!

What’s going on Fighters?!

After I posted the game for free on various forums and I got a lot of positive feedback, I decided why not to go further and post it on Steam, so more people can join and enjoy the game like we all did when I released the game for free on the forums.

Brutal Fighters is now officially on Steam Greenlight, and it’s all for free, no ads, no in game transactions, I personally take care of the servers for multiplayer.
I will really appreciate support, please vote and share the game, it just really deserves it!


I did all of the programming, created a bunch of sprites, searched all around the web for free sprites to use, survived hate, posted the game on forums for free to let you guys enjoy, but now it’s your turn to vote and show your support, I am going to open the IDE now and keep the features and updates going, you take care of the Steam Greenlight thingy, it’s a community project, not my project, it’s our project.

Live long and stay brutal.

What’s going on fighters?!
A new crazy update is released for Brutal Fighters!
You might think I’ve gone mad or crazy, perhaps both, and I cannot blame ya!

Make sure to re-download the game at www.brutalfighters.com!

I will post the main features below, but feel free to also check out my Github for the source and the commits.

So let’s get into the main features!

  • NEW GAME MODE: Freestyle, it’s basically one infinite match where players can join and leave spontaneously, when populated it’s chaos.
  • BACK BUTTONS: Now you can return to the main menu from everywhere, the queue, fighters select, everywhere, just click on the Brutal Fighters logo.
  • TUTORIAL AND DEBUG MODE: Hold ‘O’ to see the tutorial, hold ‘P’ to see how much FPS you have and some more details.
  • BETTER NETWORKING: Now the game connects to the server when the game logo shows up, and a bunch of more improvements.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: Especially in the server, new game modes can now be added fairly easy, and much more!
  • IMPROVED OVERALL CODE: As usual! performance improvements, refactoring, etc.. etc..

Sounds awesome isn’t it?!

Upcoming updates:

  • CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Brutal Fighters is a 2D side scroller fighting game, playing it with a controller would be too much fun!

Let me know what do you think.

Hopefully you will enjoy the new update!

Brutal Fighters is available on itch.io!!
This is amazing, here is the widget:

Wonderful, isn’t it?
Let me know your opinions about it!
Till next time, stay brutal fighters.

What’s going on fighters? hopefully you all enjoying the free play-testing release!
We peaked at 21 concurrent players as of yesterday, that’s awesome!!
I decided the game deserves an update just to thank you for all the support and the very helpful feedback!
I would really appreciate if you will share the game, it’s free, and this game doesn’t deserve to die yet!

What about the large update?
Oh yeah! Actually, the game is open source, feel free to follow me on Github and take a look directly
at the code, anyhow, this large update includes:

  • Much improved Matchmaking Screen, with cheesy random lines showing up!
  • Multi-Kill feature was created from scratch and added into the game!
  • Few bug fixes, currently there aren’t any known bugs to be found in the game!
  • Overall improvements and code refactors, as in every update :)


I update here regularly so stay tuned, I also post in various forums and also on Reddit, so far I really like the Java-Gaming community forum, they been so helpful and supportive, just a really good community you gotta check it out fighters!

Well that’s all for now, stay strong fighters, and be sure to check out the cheesy lines at the matchmaking screen, they are so funny!

Fighters! Brutal Fighters is out now for free! Note that it’s on very early development, but yet pretty stable!

So without too much talking, even though I absolutely love it, this time you are going to actually play the game!

Download the game on Brutal Fighters Official Website.
Click on the big download button, here is an image for the lazy fighters:
Download Button

Make sure you have Java installed on your computer before, you can get it here.

The game currently has no game guide, so you will need to figure it all out by yourselves,
but it’s pretty straightforward, look at it as a journey :)

Keep on dominatin’, fighters.

Developers, programmers, fans, fighters, I decided to make Brutal Fighters open source, at the beginning I thought I would quit developing this game in no more than a week, but I am here after months of development! so it’s time to put the game open source, let other people contribute to the game, and make Brutal Fighters shine, cause this game just really deserves it!

I am just a fan of open source, I always like the fact people contribute to a project, because they are passionate about it, because something really needs to be done, it gives really a great feeling just to think about it!

Here is the Github page for the Brutal Fighters Game Server Repository.
And here is the Github page for the Brutal Fighters Client Repository.

The game server(pure java) lines of code:
Game Server Lines of Code

That’s one huge commit..

Stay strong, fighters!

Brutal Fighters is a multiplayer game, but is it going to be playable at a considerable high latency?
What about serious lags? network throttles? a hacker trying to mess up with the packets?
A considerable large amount of players playing simultaneously?

I decided to test it all, a tool called Clumsy, helped me to simulate many problems that players may experience.
I could see how the game responds, and if there are any issues, so I ran the game server on my local host,
and ran Clumsy, note that because the server is running on local host, everything is doubled, which means 200ms ping is actually a 400ms ping because the game server and the client run on the same computer and Clumsy makes 200ms ping for both of them(which is 400ms ping in total).

Here is the Clumsy setup that I did to test my game:
Clumsy Setup

Except of a delay because of the latency, in which I couldn’t do anything about, the client and the server performed very well, I even was surprised, although it appears at high levels of network throttles and packet tampering, the client may disconnect sometimes from the server, but those levels aren’t realistic at all and nobody should play multiplayer games with those levels, heck not even surf the internet.

That’s it for now, stay competitive fighters.