What’s going on fighters?!

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Sorry for not updating daily here for the last week, I decided to catch up on some programming and computer science books that I always planned to read but never had the time.
A notable book I’ve read is The Pragmatic Programmer, which is an excellent book, I seriously recommend it to everyone out there.

But enough about that, let’s talk about the update!
Brutal Fighters

I will post the main features below, but feel free to also check out my Github for the source and the commits.

So let’s get into the main features!

  • COMPLETELY NEW MAP: A new map, more tactical, more fun and more challenging, now it’s simply impossible to just run away with the flag!
  • NEW BLOCK TYPE: I call it a “level” block, you can collide it only from the top, which makes the game a whole lot more tactic!
  • BETTER MULTIPLAYER: Many players were surprised how smooth the game was at high latency(420ms), now it’s twice as smooth! Awesome isn’t it?
  • MORE SOUND EFFECTS: A bunch of new blocks were added with the new map, therefore new sound effects were also added!
  • MORE PARTICLES: More particles to make the new map feel more alive, and fun!

Sounds awesome isn’t it?!

Let’s do it!
Brutal Fighters

I know I promised a controller support, but new map was a higher priority and the most requested.
But hey, that’s the plan for the upcoming update:

  • REWORKED COMBAT: You can use most of the skills while holding the flag, mid air, while jumping, running, walking, whenever you want! smooth combat is a win!
  • CONTROLLER SUPPORT: I really want to make it happen, and I will!

Vote Brutal Fighters on Steam Greenlight!

Let me know what do you think.

What’s going on fighters,

Not sure if you saw my recent commit on Github, but I did a bunch of refactoring, especially for the client side game.
I covered all the code from start to finish and tried to hunt down those bad smells and refactored as much as I could.

I am glad I finished covering all the code and refactoring it, because now it’s time for the real features, I am already working on a new map, better combat, more skills, more buffs and debuffs, yeah my task list is full again, I better get working!

P.S – I also fixed a number of bugs beside refactoring! which means currently we are at 0 known bugs again!!

Thanks a bunch for reading, stay brutal!

What’s going on Fighters?!

After I posted the game for free on various forums and I got a lot of positive feedback, I decided why not to go further and post it on Steam, so more people can join and enjoy the game like we all did when I released the game for free on the forums.

Brutal Fighters is now officially on Steam Greenlight, and it’s all for free, no ads, no in game transactions, I personally take care of the servers for multiplayer.
I will really appreciate support, please vote and share the game, it just really deserves it!


I did all of the programming, created a bunch of sprites, searched all around the web for free sprites to use, survived hate, posted the game on forums for free to let you guys enjoy, but now it’s your turn to vote and show your support, I am going to open the IDE now and keep the features and updates going, you take care of the Steam Greenlight thingy, it’s a community project, not my project, it’s our project.

Live long and stay brutal.

What’s going on players? The last couple of days been rough!
Lately, I’ve been posting the games in various forums in order to get some feedback.
I also did some playtesting with my friends, which was awesome, I got great feedback from the community and my friends, I was also noted that the game is very enjoyable!

After writing all those new ideas and suggestions that the players told me, I will get some work done,
and hopefully the game will improve for the better.
And you know what that means, after all the work will be done, which shouldn’t take too long(week or two),
I will open the game for playtesting!
This time for real though, be ready and be prepared!

The game server will be located in San Francisco, so players who live far away from the United States,
will have hard time with latency problems and lags, but hopefully not too much.
If it will get popular I will definitely setup more servers, to be quite frank, I have one for Europe and one for Asia already prepared, I just need to set them up and power them on, but I don’t want to split regions so early yet, because we don’t have too much players anyway, splitting them will be a bad idea to do early on,
we will wait for more players to join.

I will update here regularly(each day) again, as now I can be busy updating the game, instead of seeking and writing feedback from players into my notepad.

Thank you for reading and see you out there players!

You look at this theme, and think to yourself –

You: Damn this WordPress theme is beautiful!
Me: Thanks man!
You: Did you make this theme?
Me: With my bare hands!

That’s a real conversation that I had regarding this theme, well fear not, I will cut to the chase, this theme is created by me and it’s on my Github page for free, feel free to use it, contribute to the Github repository or whatever you want!


“Who are you and what are you doing here?!” that’s what my teacher told me when I tried to walk into the computer science class, even though I’ve been clearly told that programming ain’t my thing.

And that is probably what you are asking me, while I am trying to enter this universe of indie games, but guess what, I am already here, so bookmark this blog, because it will be a journey!

My game project, Brutal Fighters, is the reason I am writing this blog, feel free to check it out, and give it a shout out, cause this game just really deserves it.

Someday I am going to read this post again, hopefully not with a sad face, but a smile, and a good laugh with friends :)