Controller Support is coming! PC Master Race?!

What’s going on fighters, do you know what PC lacks in regard to consoles? controllers!
Although, many games will be terrible with controllers, there are few games that when played with a controller is a whole different experience.
Brutal Fighters is one of that kind, it feels completely different with a controller, in a good way, actually I don’t even know what’s more fun!

As many of you already know, Brutal Fighters is going to be released for public play-testing for free, seriously completely for free, and controllers support will come along the way!

Stay tuned, and kick some flags, fighters.

P.S >> Did anyone watch “Conversations with Creators” with Naughty Dog? Cause it was awesome, Naughty Dog are truly one of the best gaming companies out there, super creative, they just really release only masterpieces.

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