Crazy Huge Update for Brutal Fighters!

What’s going on fighters?!
A new crazy update is released for Brutal Fighters!
You might think I’ve gone mad or crazy, perhaps both, and I cannot blame ya!

Make sure to re-download the game at!

I will post the main features below, but feel free to also check out my Github for the source and the commits.

So let’s get into the main features!

  • NEW GAME MODE: Freestyle, it’s basically one infinite match where players can join and leave spontaneously, when populated it’s chaos.
  • BACK BUTTONS: Now you can return to the main menu from everywhere, the queue, fighters select, everywhere, just click on the Brutal Fighters logo.
  • TUTORIAL AND DEBUG MODE: Hold ‘O’ to see the tutorial, hold ‘P’ to see how much FPS you have and some more details.
  • BETTER NETWORKING: Now the game connects to the server when the game logo shows up,¬†and a bunch of more improvements.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: Especially in the server, new game modes can now be added fairly easy, and much more!
  • IMPROVED OVERALL¬†CODE: As usual! performance improvements, refactoring, etc.. etc..

Sounds awesome isn’t it?!

Upcoming updates:

  • CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Brutal Fighters is a 2D side scroller fighting game, playing it with a controller would be too much fun!

Let me know what do you think.

Hopefully you will enjoy the new update!

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