Introducing EPIC Buff System!

What’s going on brutal players?
I am excited to introduce you the EPIC Buff System.. trust me it’s epic!

So what does buff mean? buff is an effect (usually cast as a spell) that temporarily enhances a player,
the opposite is debuff, which is an effect that temporarily puts a player into misery, yet not necessarily only lowering his health, but also slowing him, freezing, stunning, throw him up into the air, and such..

I made the game’s buff system very flexible, adding buffs and debuffs is fairly easy, and most of the game’s skills and effects are going through major upgrades right now!
Expect things like poison other fighters, setting them on fire, freezing them, literally, they will turn into an ice, which can be broken with any attack, so if one of your teammates turned into ice, just give it a punch, the ice will break and he will be free..

If your enemy will play Dusk, expect bats to roam the map, they will poison you! I am not saying it lightly,
I’ve been testing it over and over again, that poison is annoying as fuck!

Here is an (pretty outdated) example of Blaze setting Lust on flames, look how much damage the burn effect causes over time!

You will love this epic buff system, trust me, it’s just the start, haha it’s going to be so much fun,
I cannot wait to see you in the field, fighting for victory with all of your skills.

The Buff System

The game is just a few days away from being open for playtesting, for everyone!
Therefore I am trying my best to improve the game as much as I can till then, the buff system is one example.

See you out there fighters!

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