Is Brutal Fighters Going to Survive the Ultimate Test?

Brutal Fighters is a multiplayer game, but is it going to be playable at a considerable high latency?
What about serious lags? network throttles? a hacker trying to mess up with the packets?
A considerable large amount of players playing simultaneously?

I decided to test it all, a tool called Clumsy, helped me to simulate many problems that players may experience.
I could see how the game responds, and if there are any issues, so I ran the game server on my local host,
and ran Clumsy, note that because the server is running on local host, everything is doubled, which means 200ms ping is actually a 400ms ping because the game server and the client run on the same computer and Clumsy makes 200ms ping for both of them(which is 400ms ping in total).

Here is the Clumsy setup that I did to test my game:
Clumsy Setup

Except of a delay because of the latency, in which I couldn’t do anything about, the client and the server performed very well, I even was surprised, although it appears at high levels of network throttles and packet tampering, the client may disconnect sometimes from the server, but those levels aren’t realistic at all and nobody should play multiplayer games with those levels, heck not even surf the internet.

That’s it for now, stay competitive fighters.

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