New Awesome Features in Brutal Fighters!

I added today some new awesome features into Brutal Fighters, mostly to polish the game.

  • Bleeding effect is occurring when fighter’s HP is less than 20% of his maximum HP.
  • Added new exclusive running `trails` for each fighter.
  • More features in which I will talk about in the upcoming posts.
  • Fixed a bug that will rarely occur in the main menu, in which the main menu soundtrack doesn’t start.

Let’s start with the bleeding effect, as I said when a fighter’s HP is less than 20% of his maximum HP, he will start to bleed, here is an example.

The next feature is an exciting one, new exclusive running `trails` for each fighter, I am unable to show you all the trails because I’ll need to upload at least 5 videos for that, but here is one simple example.

UPDATE: This video example is outdated, in fact the particle trails used in the video were just an experiment, hopefully I will show you the updated ones in the upcoming posts!

The are more features I would like to share with you, but this post is getting too long for a quick update :)
Let me know whatcha thinking in the comments below, and till next time, stay awesome players!

BONUS SECTION: Who is watching E3? I guess all of you haha, are you excited about something in particular? let me know in the comments. Fallout 4 is going to be AWESOME! I’ll give you that.

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