New Portal Activation Effect!

Guys we are changing the portal once again!
I know..I know we did it already a few days ago, but you see, I haven’t been blessed with the talent and gift of creating portals, nobody did, except Gaben Newell.

The portal activation effect should be fast, and show some sort of a highlight, yet simple and recognizable(not confusing or weird), unlike the last portal activation effect. I recreated today the effect according to how I think an activation effect should look like, check it out!

Now if this portal activation effect sucks even more than the previous one, let me know!

Portal 3 confirmed?

In the upcoming posts I will talk about a bit of history of Brutal Fighters, in which I find pretty interesting, it will include a good amount of pictures and videos so stay tuned, aye?

Additionally, many people have informed me that the game map is too linear, I will write regarding the game maps in the upcoming posts, trust me, it’s fairly easy to create maps for the game, even you can do that, which means community maps for Brutal Fighters probably will be a thing. That’s why I created a simple map meanwhile, I didn’t want to spend too much time designing the map before the game base is finished, fortunately the game base is ‘finished’ now and I can start focusing more on designing maps!

If you have any questions, suggestions regarding the map or whatever feel free to post in the comments or contact me, aye?! :)

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