Obsessive..Compulsive..Brutal Fighters?

2 weeks ago, I did a playtesting session with some of my friends on Brutal Fighters,
what we found out is that the collision detection system is not that great..
Fortunately I have a serious OCD with this project, and I decided to remake the whole collision detection system in the game, I won’t go too technical about it, but the new system is pretty damn good!

While working all past week on the new collision detection system, which is awesome,
I also spend time refactoring the code, improving efficiency and performance,
yet keeping the flexibility of the project high, so I didn’t fully optimize it, but this game runs 60fps on even super low-end computers!

Seriously, get a Raspberry Pi, install Linux on it, install Java, run Brutal Fighters, 60fps, profit!!
Literally a 40$ computer can run Brutal Fighters, we can actually make a very cheap indie console for games like Brutal Fighters.

That’s it for this post, hint for the next one “Controller Support”.
Till next time, endure and survive out there players.

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