What’s going on fighters, do you know what PC lacks in regard to consoles? controllers!
Although, many games will be terrible with controllers, there are few games that when played with a controller is a whole different experience.
Brutal Fighters is one of that kind, it feels completely different with a controller, in a good way, actually I don’t even know what’s more fun!

As many of you already know, Brutal Fighters is going to be released for public play-testing for free, seriously completely for free, and controllers support will come along the way!

Stay tuned, and kick some flags, fighters.

P.S >> Did anyone watch “Conversations with Creators” with Naughty Dog? Cause it was awesome, Naughty Dog are truly one of the best gaming companies out there, super creative, they just really release only masterpieces.

2 weeks ago, I did a playtesting session with some of my friends on Brutal Fighters,
what we found out is that the collision detection system is not that great..
Fortunately I have a serious OCD with this project, and I decided to remake the whole collision detection system in the game, I won’t go too technical about it, but the new system is pretty damn good!

While working all past week on the new collision detection system, which is awesome,
I also spend time refactoring the code, improving efficiency and performance,
yet keeping the flexibility of the project high, so I didn’t fully optimize it, but this game runs 60fps on even super low-end computers!

Seriously, get a Raspberry Pi, install Linux on it, install Java, run Brutal Fighters, 60fps, profit!!
Literally a 40$ computer can run Brutal Fighters, we can actually make a very cheap indie console for games like Brutal Fighters.

That’s it for this post, hint for the next one “Controller Support”.
Till next time, endure and survive out there players.

What’s going on awesome players?
We are just a few days away from releasing the game for free to playtesting for everyone!
It’s very exciting to show the world what I’ve been up to for months.
Releasing the game means also getting feedback from players around the world..It’s scary.

Anywow, till the playtesting, here is another sample from what I’ve been working on,
It’s Dusk’s skill which releases a bunch of bats from his mouth, to attack you, then after they catch you,
they lock on you and keep on biting, it’s so annoying that it’s actually amusing already!

Here we go! Are you afraid from BATZ?!

The game got a bunch of fun things like this, freezing players, setting them on fire(check out my previous post), slowing them, poisoning them, healing them, and such..And it’s just the beginning, Brutal Fighters even surprises me, and I am the developer behind it, hopefully, you all looking forward to it!

We are just a few posts away from the playtesting, thanks for reading!
And stay brutal, players!

What’s going on brutal players?
I am excited to introduce you the EPIC Buff System.. trust me it’s epic!

So what does buff mean? buff is an effect (usually cast as a spell) that temporarily enhances a player,
the opposite is debuff, which is an effect that temporarily puts a player into misery, yet not necessarily only lowering his health, but also slowing him, freezing, stunning, throw him up into the air, and such..

I made the game’s buff system very flexible, adding buffs and debuffs is fairly easy, and most of the game’s skills and effects are going through major upgrades right now!
Expect things like poison other fighters, setting them on fire, freezing them, literally, they will turn into an ice, which can be broken with any attack, so if one of your teammates turned into ice, just give it a punch, the ice will break and he will be free..

If your enemy will play Dusk, expect bats to roam the map, they will poison you! I am not saying it lightly,
I’ve been testing it over and over again, that poison is annoying as fuck!

Here is an (pretty outdated) example of Blaze setting Lust on flames, look how much damage the burn effect causes over time!

You will love this epic buff system, trust me, it’s just the start, haha it’s going to be so much fun,
I cannot wait to see you in the field, fighting for victory with all of your skills.

The Buff System

The game is just a few days away from being open for playtesting, for everyone!
Therefore I am trying my best to improve the game as much as I can till then, the buff system is one example.

See you out there fighters!

What’s going on players? The last couple of days been rough!
Lately, I’ve been posting the games in various forums in order to get some feedback.
I also did some playtesting with my friends, which was awesome, I got great feedback from the community and my friends, I was also noted that the game is very enjoyable!

After writing all those new ideas and suggestions that the players told me, I will get some work done,
and hopefully the game will improve for the better.
And you know what that means, after all the work will be done, which shouldn’t take too long(week or two),
I will open the game for playtesting!
This time for real though, be ready and be prepared!

The game server will be located in San Francisco, so players who live far away from the United States,
will have hard time with latency problems and lags, but hopefully not too much.
If it will get popular I will definitely setup more servers, to be quite frank, I have one for Europe and one for Asia already prepared, I just need to set them up and power them on, but I don’t want to split regions so early yet, because we don’t have too much players anyway, splitting them will be a bad idea to do early on,
we will wait for more players to join.

I will update here regularly(each day) again, as now I can be busy updating the game, instead of seeking and writing feedback from players into my notepad.

Thank you for reading and see you out there players!

Brutal Fighters is intended to be a competitive game, where helping teammates in a fight, protecting the flag carrier from enemy assassinations, are one of the key parts in the game.

Work with your team in order to outplay the enemy, call your friends and build your own true team, claim victories, climb the ranking ladder, and eventually you may be the strongest fighter, the true fighter along with your team. Nobody can stop you.

Your choose what fighter you are going to play, do you want to protect your team from enemy attacks? go with a tank fighter, do you want to be fast and assassinate the enemy team? oh they are the hardest, fast but weak, their full combo dishes a huge amount of damage, but afterwards if they can’t run away they are in trouble, mages can deal a lot of damage too, but watch your mana, if you run out of it, you better run behind a tank.

In the heat of battle, you got to take the enemy flag, with all the cooldown removed from your skills, you and your teammates attack the enemy, fast decision making, tactical thinking, dodge the enemy attacks, remember the combos you’ve trained! ..what a fight would it be!

Brutal Fighters

I figured I never wrote here what is the sole purpose of Brutal Fighters, so here it is!
Hope you enjoyed, and see you out there players! :)

You look at this theme, and think to yourself –

You: Damn this WordPress theme is beautiful!
Me: Thanks man!
You: Did you make this theme?
Me: With my bare hands!

That’s a real conversation that I had regarding this theme, well fear not, I will cut to the chase, this theme is created by me and it’s on my Github page for free, feel free to use it, contribute to the Github repository or whatever you want!


Guys we are changing the portal once again!
I know..I know we did it already a few days ago, but you see, I haven’t been blessed with the talent and gift of creating portals, nobody did, except Gaben Newell.

The portal activation effect should be fast, and show some sort of a highlight, yet simple and recognizable(not confusing or weird), unlike the last portal activation effect. I recreated today the effect according to how I think an activation effect should look like, check it out!

Now if this portal activation effect sucks even more than the previous one, let me know!

Portal 3 confirmed?

In the upcoming posts I will talk about a bit of history of Brutal Fighters, in which I find pretty interesting, it will include a good amount of pictures and videos so stay tuned, aye?

Additionally, many people have informed me that the game map is too linear, I will write regarding the game maps in the upcoming posts, trust me, it’s fairly easy to create maps for the game, even you can do that, which means community maps for Brutal Fighters probably will be a thing. That’s why I created a simple map meanwhile, I didn’t want to spend too much time designing the map before the game base is finished, fortunately the game base is ‘finished’ now and I can start focusing more on designing maps!

If you have any questions, suggestions regarding the map or whatever feel free to post in the comments or contact me, aye?! :)

What’s going on players, here is another update of course!

Lately I thought to myself, OMFG the fact that the victory and the defeat sign suck even more than the portal is.. well actually nothing sucks more than the portal.

However, everything is just about to change.. *cough*.. well of course it was changed already, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post at the moment but working on the `change`.

I designed(very hard for me) and programmed(way easier than designing for me) new victory and defeat signs! with an awesome transition animation and 3 sound effects that are chosen randomly in order to create a unique effect each time you claim either a victory or a defeat(don’t do it).

The victory sign:
Victory Sign

The defeat sign:
Defeat Sign

Well although you can’t really notice the awesome transition effect and the even more awesome sound effects, you at least able to see the beautiful hand crafted(I better stop now) signs.

Let me know if you liked the style in the comments below!

P.S – Sony announced two Final Fantasy games are coming out to the PS4, I never played Final Fantasy, do not kill me.

P.P.S – I am working on the portal players, it will look amazing tomorrow! trust me…

So what is missing in Brutal Fighters? umm.. blood! I am not entirely sure if I got the idea when a thought about Game of Thrones passed through my mind while coding, but anyway, the game really lacks blood!

But wait! who said adding blood into Brutal Fighters will be a good idea? well Game of Thrones has lots of blood in it and it is quite successful, so logic, duh..

So I figured it out, and I decided to program and make the initial blood ‘splatting’ effect today, a few hours ago to be more specific.

Now if you ever thought about playing this game and getting out clean, think twice! (dum dum duuuuummm..)

You can also see the bleeding effect in the video right after Surge’s HP gets below 20%.

Now you can officially kick some enemies and get your blood fix, but wait! like my father always said, with great power comes great electricity bill.

See you out there players! Sony’s conference at E3 was awesome by the way, I am HYPED!