I added today some new awesome features into Brutal Fighters, mostly to polish the game.

  • Bleeding effect is occurring when fighter’s HP is less than 20% of his maximum HP.
  • Added new exclusive running `trails` for each fighter.
  • More features in which I will talk about in the upcoming posts.
  • Fixed a bug that will rarely occur in the main menu, in which the main menu soundtrack doesn’t start.

Let’s start with the bleeding effect, as I said when a fighter’s HP is less than 20% of his maximum HP, he will start to bleed, here is an example.

The next feature is an exciting one, new exclusive running `trails` for each fighter, I am unable to show you all the trails because I’ll need to upload at least 5 videos for that, but here is one simple example.

UPDATE: This video example is outdated, in fact the particle trails used in the video were just an experiment, hopefully I will show you the updated ones in the upcoming posts!

The are more features I would like to share with you, but this post is getting too long for a quick update :)
Let me know whatcha thinking in the comments below, and till next time, stay awesome players!

BONUS SECTION: Who is watching E3? I guess all of you haha, are you excited about something in particular? let me know in the comments. Fallout 4 is going to be AWESOME! I’ll give you that.

What’s going on players? a friend suggested me to scale the jump height/velocity with the jump button press, in other words, as long as you hold the jump button you jump higher, not too high though!

I also added some particles, to give the jump more feedback, so it feels more alive, check it out!

The previous portal was okay, but I didn’t like the particles though, they were too slow and big, this time I changed the whole thing.

The particles now are small, super fast, and continuous, here is a gif to illustrate, although the gif is so slow you can’t really tell how fast the particles are moving which is kinda disappointing; I may upload a 60fps youtube video for you to really illustrate :)

UPDATE: Here is a higher fps video for you! (I removed the old slow gif).

As a friend suggested me – I also added a `feedback` effect when you step into the portal – which is another set of particles, surprisingly of a different kind, I also added a sound effect to the feedback, although you can’t really hear it because the gif doesn’t support audio, sucks!

What do you think about all this? I will post here regularly so be sure to bookmark this blog!
Let me know in the comments below! :)

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Let’s do it! Let us know what you are thinking about the game!

Brutal Fighters Official Trailer is out! Are you ready players?

With a competitive multiplayer, great community, fun fast-paced combat and tons of action, I would say for every gamer who seeks these intense gaming moments, when your decisions either claim a great victory or a huge defeat, this game is a must-have!

In the heat of battle, you got to take the enemy flag, with all the cooldown removed from your skills, you and your teammates attack the enemy, fast decision making, tactical thinking, dodge the enemy attacks, remember the combos you’ve trained! ..what a fight would it be!

“Who are you and what are you doing here?!” that’s what my teacher told me when I tried to walk into the computer science class, even though I’ve been clearly told that programming ain’t my thing.

And that is probably what you are asking me, while I am trying to enter this universe of indie games, but guess what, I am already here, so bookmark this blog, because it will be a journey!

My game project, Brutal Fighters, is the reason I am writing this blog, feel free to check it out, and give it a shout out, cause this game just really deserves it.

Someday I am going to read this post again, hopefully not with a sad face, but a smile, and a good laugh with friends :)