The Last Couple of Days

What’s going on players? The last couple of days been rough!
Lately, I’ve been posting the games in various forums in order to get some feedback.
I also did some playtesting with my friends, which was awesome, I got great feedback from the community and my friends, I was also noted that the game is very enjoyable!

After writing all those new ideas and suggestions that the players told me, I will get some work done,
and hopefully the game will improve for the better.
And you know what that means, after all the work will be done, which shouldn’t take too long(week or two),
I will open the game for playtesting!
This time for real though, be ready and be prepared!

The game server will be located in San Francisco, so players who live far away from the United States,
will have hard time with latency problems and lags, but hopefully not too much.
If it will get popular I will definitely setup more servers, to be quite frank, I have one for Europe and one for Asia already prepared, I just need to set them up and power them on, but I don’t want to split regions so early yet, because we don’t have too much players anyway, splitting them will be a bad idea to do early on,
we will wait for more players to join.

I will update here regularly(each day) again, as now I can be busy updating the game, instead of seeking and writing feedback from players into my notepad.

Thank you for reading and see you out there players!

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