Why you will love Brutal Fighters?!

Brutal Fighters is intended to be a competitive game, where helping teammates in a fight, protecting the flag carrier from enemy assassinations, are one of the key parts in the game.

Work with your team in order to outplay the enemy, call your friends and build your own true team, claim victories, climb the ranking ladder, and eventually you may be the strongest fighter, the true fighter along with your team. Nobody can stop you.

Your choose what fighter you are going to play, do you want to protect your team from enemy attacks? go with a tank fighter, do you want to be fast and assassinate the enemy team? oh they are the hardest, fast but weak, their full combo dishes a huge amount of damage, but afterwards if they can’t run away they are in trouble, mages can deal a lot of damage too, but watch your mana, if you run out of it, you better run behind a tank.

In the heat of battle, you got to take the enemy flag, with all the cooldown removed from your skills, you and your teammates attack the enemy, fast decision making, tactical thinking, dodge the enemy attacks, remember the combos you’ve trained! ..what a fight would it be!

Brutal Fighters

I figured I never wrote here what is the sole purpose of Brutal Fighters, so here it is!
Hope you enjoyed, and see you out there players! :)

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